To our fallen brothers and sisters Thank You. We will never forget.

Our Company

Islands Fire Department is dedicated to the highest level of public safety to our community.

Fire Suppression

We conduct weekly training drills to keep our Firefighters ready for any incident that may arise. Among our training techniques are structure fires, vehicle fires, brush fires, pressurized container fires and many more.

Vehicle Extrication

The Islands Fire Department conducts frequent training sessions to stay up to date on the newest automotive technologies. We are equipped with full vehicular rescue equipment including hydraulic rescue tools.

Community Outreach

Our department participates in a number of community outreach events throughout the year. Visit our events page to view a calendar of the upcoming activities this year!

Our Mission

The Islands Fire Department is dedicated to providing professional service in the areas of fire suppression, rescue, fire prevention, and fire safety education. It is our number one priority to respond in safe and efficient manner in order to protect lives and property of citizens and visitors of the Islands from the ravages of fire and other disasters, natural or man-made. We shall enhance the quality of life of this and future generations by our continued endeavors, leadership, and professional development training.

About Us

The Islands Fire Department is a Volunteer Division of Chatham Emergency Services. We protect an estimated 24,000 people living in an area of 18 square miles located east of Savannah, Ga. We operate out of three stations that protect residential and commercial areas. The department which was founded in 1956, consists of 30 volunteer members and is always seeking new membership.  We respond to many emergency calls including structure fires, brush fires, vehicle fires and vehicle extrication.

Calls for 2019

Upcoming Events:

Islands Fire Department Drill is held every Monday night at Station 4 located at 155 Wilmington Island Rd. If you would like to be a Volunteer Firefighter please join us.

    Project Lifesaver is an innovative and rapidly growing program in the United States that provides aid to victims and families suffering with¬†Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders such as Down’s Syndrome and Autism. Project Lifesaver uses state-of-the-art technology employing wristband transmitters to locate wandering and lost adults and children. Project Lifesaver is much more than a passive ID bracelet. It is an active system that relies on state of the art technology and a specially trained search and rescue team. People who are part of the Project Lifesaver program wear a personalized bracelet that emits a tracking signal. When caregivers notify the Islands Derision that the person is missing, a search and rescue team responds to the wanderer’s area and starts searching with the mobile locator system. The Chatham County Sheriff’s Department and Mosquito Control are also notified and assist with the search. Search times have been reduced from hours and days to minutes. In hundreds of searches, there have been no reported serious injuries or deaths. Recovery times average less than 30 minutes.

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    Get a Permit Before You Burn

    Its fast, its easy, and its the law

    A few basic rules to follow when you have a permit:

    Only burn natural vegetation.

    Vegetation can only be hand piled.

    Fire can not be started before 8 am and has to be out before dusk.

    Always have a good water source near by.

    Never leave the fire unattended.

      To obtain a burn permit for Chatham County please call 1-877-OK2-BURN (652-2876) or click here.

    Safe Digging Begins With You

      Safe digging starts when you call Georgia 811. By law, everyone-including homeowners-must contact Georgia 811 by dialing  811 (1-800-282-7411) or click here at least 48 hours before beginning any mechanized digging on your property. If you are unsure as to whether you should notify Georgia 811 before you break ground, remember, even if your digging project is small, its always best to call!


    So you want to be a firefighter?

    The best way is to Volunteer and help the community. Why Volunteer?  Because it helps everyone, including you!  Yes, volunteering for the fire service, a tradition set in place by Benjamin Franklin, is very rewarding.  Not only for the volunteer but also the citizens those volunteers serve.  Certainly the direct benefit of offering help during times of emergency or disaster is obvious.  But there are other benefits.

    • A volunteer may also qualify to join the Georgia Firemen‚Äôs Pension Fund.¬† Volunteers are eligible to join the pension fund¬†at their own expense as do the career personnel.
    • All volunteers with Chatham Fire are entitled to free fire protection on properties that they own after they have completed their 40 hours of drill attendance, and have been voted in by their division.
    • All volunteers are covered by Workman‚Äôs Compensation for accidents and¬†injuries directly related to their job as a firefighter.

    Are you Southside Fire, Chatham or Islands Fire Department?

    It can be a little confusing. In 1973, Islands Fire Department and Southside Fire were two separate departments that decided to join forces and work together. Then in 2018 Southside Fire changed names to Chatham Emergency Services. Our volunteer fire division is Islands Fire Department, which was its own fire department until combining with Chatham Emergency Services in 2018. The Islands Fire Department is now known as a division of Chatham Fire. Islands Fire is the group of volunteers that facilitate the main response for the Islands area. Chatham Fire Department supplies the paid personnel, fire house and apparatus.

    How do I become a volunteer?
    1. Fill out an application – Click Here
    2. Return the application to Station 4 on a drill night.
    3. Complete 40 hrs of training with Islands Fire Department, then you must be voted on by the membership.

    How does a Paid/Volunteer Department work?

    The paid personnel work in shifts of 24 hours on and 48 hours off. During their shift they remain at the firehouse and take care of the day to day functions. When a call goes out the paid personnel take the apparatus to scene. The volunteers attend weekly training drills to keep up to date with the latest techniques. The volunteers are issued pagers and when a call goes out the volunteers are paged to go directly to scene. Volunteer firefighters can also be cleared to pickup additional apparatus if needed. Our volunteers and career firefighters are trained and held to the same standards.

    Get in Touch

    To learn more about our department or for contact information visit our Contact page.

    Station 4

    Station 4

    155 Wilmington Island Rd. Apparatus: 2008 E-One Engine, 2001 E-One Rescue, 2012 Freedom 3000 gallon Tanker

    Station 8

    Station 8

    4800 Highway 80 East Apparatus: 2006 E-One Engine, 2001 Sutphen 100′ Aerial, Auxiliary Unit (support), ALS Ambulance

    Station 14

    Station 14

    2606 E. President St. Apparatus: 1994 E-One 50′ Quint, 1985 Seagrave Engine (reserve), ALS Ambulance

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