Event Description
When our crew made initial contact, we didn’t know the man was energized and thought he was a cardiac arrest patient, as that was the information in the initial report. Once we touched him, we were getting energized and realized something was going on other than cardiac arrest.

We backed up to look at the scene a little better. After we killed the power to the metal garage, the victim was extricated with a fiberglass pike pole.

After further investigation, it was revealed that the man was putting siding on the metal carport with screws and one of the screws made contact with an electrical wire. He was squeezed between the metal building and a chain link fence, so the victim, the metal carport and the chain link fence were all energized.

We lost our victim, but it could have been a lot worse, because we could have lost three firefighters. We were a lucky fire department that day.

View the Report: Possible Cardiac Patient Shocks Rescuers

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