Event Description
The initial size-up found a two-story residence with fire showing on the Charlie side. A transitional attack was selected, and the fire was knocked down from the exterior. Crews then entered to search for hidden fires in the structure.

While searching for the attic access and in moderate to heavy smoke conditions, a firefighter stepped through a hole on the second floor. Important to note: the hole was cut into the floor before the fire department arrived. The firefighter, hanging onto the floor joists by both arms, wasn’t able to radio a mayday. After several attempts to call for help, the firefighter was located by the company officer, who grabbed hold to prevent a fall. Now both were unable to radio for help.

When additional crewmembers found them, the radioed request went out and the firefighter was pulled to safety and helped to the exterior.

View the Report: Hole Cut in Floor Becomes Trap

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